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10 Stories About Crazy Couponing Customers

| Right | December 27, 2020

Dear readers,

Most of us love the savings of the occasional coupon – especially if it’s for an item you regularly purchase anyway! Most of us seem to know how coupons work; they have to be valid, they have to belong to the store you’re currently standing in, and they actually have to be present! Shockingly, these simple rules still need to be explained to some shameless customers.

We’ve roundup up ten stories about customers who are more confused or infuriated with coupons than they should be!


Now Accepting Cash, Checks, And Fingerpaint – If the two-year-old could add up her own change, I might consider it.

A Poser By Any Other Name, Part 2 – Don’t you just love calling their bluff?

Honor Among Thieves – It’s almost like people abuse the honor system so much we can’t use it.

How About A Coupon For A Free Psych Evaluation – There’s no making up for this kind of jerk.

Oooh, A Different Top – We certainly hope this woman was banned!

Coupons Are A Big Deal – So you paid a dollar for one coupon when donating a dollar would’ve given you a whole book?

Forget The Coupon, Just Wing It – Hits from the comments: “If he thinks crossing things out works, why doesn’t the coupon say, ‘free food forever,’ already?”

Throwing A Spanner In The Wax – You do save more money that way, I guess.

Turn The Tables – Some people will do anything to save a couple of bucks.

That’s A Latte Coupons – If you’re going to lie, you should probably know what the truth is first.


We hope you enjoyed this Confused-By-Coupons-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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