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10 Stories About Clueless Customers At The Zoo

| Right | November 12, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s a crazy time in the world right now, so we’re going to leave it all behind for a day and go look at some amazing animals at the zoo! Unfortunately, zoos also have to deal with entitled and clueless customers as much as any other place. Some of the stories we have received make us wonder if the animals in the exhibit have more intelligence than the guests gawping at them.

We’ve rounded up ten stories about clueless customers at the zoo. We often tell these types of stories, but these customers are different animals entirely!


Doesn’t Take A Genus – If by “close,” you mean they’re both mammals, I guess you’re right.

Bird Brained, Part 7 – This is why we fear for the future of our world. Sigh.

Noah’s Nondescript Ark – Hits from the comments: “Sounds like there wouldn’t be that much to read, so it probably isn’t that hard.”

Ignoring The Lack Of An Elephant In The Room – Have you tried Africa?

Panda-Monium – I had no idea the Constitution applied to pandas, too!

Suffering From A Reptile Dysfunction – Someone spent too much time reading fantasy instead of doing their homework.

No Clue At The Zoo – It’s time to move it, move it… to a less confusing exhibit.

Napoleon Dynamite Goes To The Zoo – Hits from the comments: “Ligers and tigons and jaguleps, oh my!”

Dodo Brained – This is why we fear for the future of our world. Part 2. Siiiiigh.

Not Responsible For Lost Or Eaten Children – We know it’s fictional, but haven’t you seen Jurassic Park?


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