10 Stories About Awesome Older Customers Who Act As Young As They Feel

| Right | March 22, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is As Young As You Feel Day! Today is a day where age can just be a number and you shouldn’t let anything ruin your day, even if you may be getting on in years. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up ten stories from our archives about older customers who are awesome, amazing, and just darn cool!


Needs To Press Paws – Ma’am, we’d like to talk to you about the NAR Avengers Initiative.

A Grand Introduction – Hits from the comments: “Sometimes, you really do get to pick your own family.”

Worldly Spiritualism, Earthly Needs – That’s really sweet… but what does she need the padlocks for?

The Strongest Generation – He’s not afraid of the Third Reich, and he’s sure not afraid of you twerps.

She’s One Of The Good Ones – Bigotry is not exclusive to the older generations, nor, luckily, is kindness.

Ah, Grandmothers, Part 3 – Don’t hide behind your grandma, coward!

Grandma Won’t Be Outmatched – This grandma’s in everyone’s corner.

Becoming Familiar With Fiber – A burn so fierce, some say she’s still recovering twelve years later.

Never Forgets His Humanity – I’m crying. You’re crying. Everyone’s crying.

The Age Of Honesty – Ooooh, nice save, driver.


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