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10 Smashing Stories About Small Businesses

| Right | November 28, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is Small Business Saturday! It’s a day to support and celebrate our hardworking local businesses. Mom-and-pop shops are not immune to the weird and rude customers that frequent franchises and corporations. For them, dealing with these customers is a double-edged sword; they can’t just forward the complainers on to corporate, but they don’t have to answer to corporate when they give jerks the boot, either!

In honor of the entrepreneurs among us, we’ve rounded up 10 stories about small businesses. Now, more than ever, they need our love and support! So when you’re done with this roundup, consider starting your Christmas shopping with the businesses closest to home.


Can’t See The Wood For The Cheese – Hits from the comments: “What a cheesy story. Just try topping it.”

Sinfully Delicious – This customer won’t let awkward names get in the way of a snack!

This Apple Pie Doesn’t Fall Far From The Geometry – Oh, sure, it’s always a great idea to lie during a job interview.

Going Locally Loco – Why ask questions if you don’t listen to the answers?!

Or You Just Had A REALLY Bad Breakup – Maybe she’s planning an absolutely bonkers party.

Not Making The Organic Choice – So, you’re willing to make a big personal compromise… for vanilla?

DNA Or Pay – You gotta put more thought into your scams, people. (But please don’t.)

She Crossed The Line – “I am a very important individual and I’m the only one on Earth with things to do and places to be!”

Bottom-Rung Bozos – As it turns out, it’s bigoted a**holes they don’t accommodate here.

Small Business And Small-Minded – We know you’ve probably heard the phrase “unprecedented times” a thousand times too many this year, but… that’s what we’re dealing with. Be patient with small businesses and with one another!

Stay safe out there!


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about small businesses! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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