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10 Silly Stories About Crossword Puzzles!

| Right | December 20, 2020

Dear readers,

Tomorrow is National Crossword Puzzle Day! There are many kinds of people who enjoy crossword puzzles, from those who do them casually while doing their business to those who sit down to do the Saturday New York Times puzzle in pen. Whichever kind of puzzler you are, or even if you’re not a puzzler at all, we hope you enjoy this roundup of 10 crazy crossword puzzle stories!


I Propose A CrosswordSometimes it’s nice when they give you the answers.

Grandchildren Grow On You, Like Fungus – Hits from the comments: “Ah, kids’ honesty: putting the ‘fun’ in ‘fungus’!”

Love Isn’t The Only Thing In The Air, Part 5 – This puzzle really stinks.

Love’s Arrow Flies North – Someone’s been watching a little too much Supernatural.

Zeus’ Lesser-Known Child – My handwriting is bad, but… onions?

It Was A Half-And-Half Choice – Heavy cream in the house! Now about that crossword on stairs…

Do Jew Have The Answer? – Hits from the comments: “Well, script happens.”

Twenty Years To Deliver A Letter – The best puns take time to arrive.

Portrait Of A Customer As A Young Man –  You ever hear of Google, friend?

The Red Wedding Cake Is A Lie – Winter is coming and it’s bringing cake!


We hope you enjoyed this Crossword Puzzles-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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