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10 Shocking Stories About Customers Who Have No Business Being Anywhere Near A Fish Tank

| Right | May 12, 2021

Dear readers,

Fish are the pets for those who don’t have the time to look after more demanding animals. But just because you don’t have to take little Nemo out for a walk, it doesn’t mean it’s a perfect pet for the lazy. There’s a whole ton of research required, expensive equipment to purchase, getting the right kind of food, and so on. Sadly, there are many customers who think you can just chuck a goldfish in a bowl of tap water and be done with it.

To highlight the very real problems posed by these ignoramuses, we’ve rounded up ten shocking stories about customers who should never be let anywhere near a fish tank! We should warn you, some of these stories involve the death of animals.


Unnatural Selection – Some people didn’t pay attention in elementary school, and it shows.

Stupid Customers Come With A Sign – No, naming your turtle Leonardo won’t help.

Drives You Round The U-Bend – Where do you think that water comes from?!

Algae Get Another One – Some people should be on a list – like the “Too Stupid To Own Pets” list.

No Means No Means No – You really need to listen betta.

Wet The Appetite – ON THE LIST!

Nemo Would Not Have Survived This One – This one goes on the list with a nice photo.

Something Smells Fishy – If you don’t lean into the stupid once in a while, you’ll go crazy.

Like A Fish Out Of Water – We’d suggest a kitten or something, but unfortunately, YOU’RE ON THE LIST.

The Great Fish Massacre of 2008 – It’s too bad this employee didn’t know about the list.


From the editors: Whoops! We had a case of the Mondays and posted this roundup without any captions. Should be fixed now! … What do you mean, “It’s Wednesday”?

We hope you found this Terrible Fish Owners roundup interesting! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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