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10 Savory Stories About Succulent Steaks For National Steakhouse Month!

| Right | June 2, 2021

Dear readers,

June is National Steakhouse Month in the USA! Americans love a good steak, but everyone seems to have a different idea of what a “good” steak should look like. Some people would rather their steak spend a few fleeting seconds on the grill and come out still mooing. Others aren’t satisfied until their meat resembles the sole of a sturdy hiking boot. Some people want their steak seasoned delicately and savored as-is. Others slather their dishes in steak sauce, ketchup, or weirder things.

However you like your steak (sorry, vegetarians!), we hope you enjoy these ten stories about high steaks and frustrated diners!


A Job Well Done – This is why some restaurants just ask, “Pink or no pink?”

I’ll Have My Steak Done All Of The Above – She wants to have her steak and eat it, too.

Tis The Seasoning – First of all, the waiter likely had nothing to do with the seasoning of your steak.

Has No Steak In How It’s Cooked – What do you want to bet this customer complained about it later?

Maybe Take A Steak Break – Every time I think I’ve read the stupidest story on this site, another customer steps it up.

Repeated Mis-Steak – Sounds like this waitress has spent a little too long on the grill.

Good Listening Skills Are Rare To Medium Rare – Honestly, this story just makes me hungry.

It’s Like A Steak But Not A Steak-Steak – Say “steak” one more time.

Not Making A Choice Argument – To be fair, we can see how this customer misunderstood.

Good Men Are Rare – Hits from the comments: “You may be a human being, but you sound like a d*** Chihuahua.”


We hope you enjoyed this Steak-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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