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10 Sad-But-True Stories That Makes You Wonder What They’re Teaching In School These Days

| Right | January 15, 2021

Dear readers,

We don’t remember everything we were taught at school, but we’d like to think we remember the basics! There are well-known facts that are so universal that when we encounter someone who is unaware of them, we fear for their basic education.

We’ve rounded up ten stories about customers who are so ignorant that they make you wonder: “What did they teach you at school?”


A Customer You Would Prefer To Circumnavigate Around – The word you’re thinking of is “circumference.”

How To Kill, To Kill A Mockingbird, Part 2 – You don’t have any books on butchering fowl for food? Or hunting?

Take It Away, Uncle Sam – The takeaway here is that you’re an idiot.

Eulogyology – Maybe they’ve only read the word and never heard it?

General Knowledge Generally Gets You In Trouble – I know who’s been on the moon, but that doesn’t make me an astronaut.

War Can Be Taxing – History has its eyes on you… and it’s very disappointed.

Not Quite An Eggs-pert – Hits from the comments: “And at what point do the bees get involved?”

How To Kill “To Kill A Mockingbird” – Do… do you not know how books work?

When Stupidity Hits The Pint Of No Return – …

Did They Even Finish Elementary, My Dear Watson? – Harry Potter didn’t write the Harry Potter books, either.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about customers who must have failed at school so bad! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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