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10 Sad-But-True Stories About Customers Who Don’t Treat Employees Like They’re Human

| Right | October 1, 2020

Dear readers,

Many of you will sadly know – either from reading this site or from personal experience – that some customers enjoy the power dynamic in the customer/employee relationship. The very phrase “the customer is always right” helps to reinforce that entitled view that the customer is worth more than the employee.

Sadly, we’ve found a bunch of customers who take this even further, who don’t even view customer service staff as people. Prepare yourselves for today’s roundup of ten stories about customers who don’t think employees should be treated like human beings…


Why We Can Always Use A Hug – Maybe if you tell them you can’t serve them if you’re frozen?

Off The Clock Customer Block – It’s cute that this customer thinks they fall under “normal people.”

Sometimes On The John But Always On The Job – Well, there’s no need to be pissy about it.

How Much Is That Human In The Window – But that is called slavery, my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.

Anatomically Correct Vs Politically Incorrect – Hits from the comments: “That last line is the basis for this entire website.”

Nowhere To Hide – Does this person also think their teachers lived at school?

Jingling, It Would Seem, Is Not The Key – Did you know that you can also make sounds with your mouth? You know, words?

That Request Will Never Fly – It’s all fun and games until your attendant gets hurt so badly that they can’t cater to your whims.

It’s Going To Be One Of Those Days, Part 2 – Based on the other stories here, they might just have a point.

Customer Requests Can Be Unrealistic – Hits from the comments: “Even gods need to park somewhere, ma’am.”


We hope found this roundup about customers treating staff less-than-human of interest. Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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