10 Reasons Kids Are The Absolute Worst Creatures Ever

| | Related | February 19, 2016
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1. Their appreciation for you, while honest, is brutally limited.

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2. Younger siblings are little more than easy targets for random acts of maliciousness.

3. They are tear-able at helping you.

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4. They will do absolutely anything to avoid getting dressed.

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5. You can kiss your sense of hearing goodbye.



6. They’ll leave a mark on your life, and also on your most expensive possessions.

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7. You seriously can’t take them anywhere.

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8. Vomit, spittle, and mysterious bodily fluids becomes part of your routine.

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9. Even the family pet has to join in on the mutual suffering.

10. The worst part? No matter how bad they are or what they do to you, you’ll do anything and go through everything for them.

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