10 Reasons He’s Your Best Friend For Life

Friendly | March 14, 2016
1. You keep everyone else guessing.

At this stage everyone just assumes you are a couple. Your sharing of personal space, hanging out most evenings by default, knowing what to order each other at the bar/takeout/etc. Keeps the bromance alive. If you were gay you’d actually be a couple.



2. Not afraid to just come over.

You can just turn up at each other’s door without warning, and often without reason. In fact at this point you probably have each other’s keys, and likely got them before his girlfriend did (just don’t tell her that!) At the same time, if you made plans a while back when it seemed like a good idea but today you’re just feeling ‘meh,’ then you can just say that. No BS excuse required!



3. You’ve perfected the art of the nonversation.

We are loathe to make guy/girl comparisons here, but this is one where the men really do excel more than the women. Women love to share everything with their BFF through a long and articulate conversation and turn it into an epic story. Guys really have just got it down to the basics, where entire soliloquies of feelings, emotions and desires can be conveyed in a single grunt.


4. You truly can share everything…

That being said (no pun intended), when a manly grunt can’t get the job done, you’ll realize that no subject is ever taboo between you. Except bad-mouthing his mom; THAT is unforgivable.



5. “Bros before Hoes.”

It’s a cliché because it’s true. You want nothing more than for your bro to find love, happiness, settle-down, and start a family; but if the woman that plan revolves around can’t accept you as part of the package, then that is an instant deal-breaker!


6. He is single-handedly the best and the worst thing ever in your life.

Had the worst day and feel worthless and miserable? Your bro will not only realise this, but will know exactly what it takes to cheer you up and make your worries seem small. That’s usually because his solution might land you both in a jail cell, probably naked, drunk, and laughing so hard about the situation that the aforementioned small worries truly are now in comparison!



7. His mom loves you.

In fact, she likes you more than her own son, and wonders why he can’t be more like you. Don’t worry though, you mom says the exact same thing about him.


8. You share your guilty pleasures.

This is a judgement-free zone. Are your plans for the weekend to spend 48 solid hours playing Warcraft with your diet consisting of nothing except Cheetos and Mountain Dew? Not only does he respect such plans, but he’ll join you.



9. You don’t have inside jokes, but whole inside lives.

Anyone outside looking in on your interactions full of geeky asides, half-finished mentions of a shared memory, and outbreaks of your own bro-language-short-speech wouldn’t just be confused, they’d be concerned.


10. You can recall an exact memory you share with each other for the last nine items on this list.
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