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10 Positively Perfect Tales About Princesses!

| Right | February 19, 2021

Dear readers,

Everyone likes to be treated like a princess once in a while. Regardless of how you identify, it’s nice to be pampered and adored and treated like you’re someone really, really important!

Whether you take inspiration from an animated princess like Ariel or Cinderella, a real-life example like Princess Diana or Princess Mako, or just those spectacular people who drift through life with an air of elegance and sophistication, this roundup is for you! We’ve assembled 10 regal (or perhaps not so regal) stories about princesses for your reading pleasure!


Talking S*** Behind Someone’s Back 101 – Treat your kid like a princess and they might just become one.

Not Quite The Belle Of The Ball – For every princess, there has to be a villain.

Pointlessly Perverse Parlance – An alliterative anecdote is always an absolute adventure!

Has No Train Of Thought – There’s more than one “princess” on the scene here.

The Customer Spent Money But The Child Is Complimentary – As I said, everyone likes to feel like a princess!

Acting Like A Spoiled Princess – This is no way to get yourself treated like a princess!

Princess Of The Caribbean – Okay, maybe not everyone wants to be a princess. But maybe she’ll be a pirate king one day!

What A Complete Waist – A couple of princesses are about to send someone to the dungeon…

The Sting In This Tale – Being a princess isn’t exactly like it looks in Snow White.

An Opening Full Of Flaws – Okay. Never mind. I don’t want to be a princess anymore.


We hope you enjoyed this princess-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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