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10 More Weird And Funny Stories About The Strangest Customers Ever

| Right | April 29, 2022

Dear readers,

Life is strange, but customers are stranger. Just read these 10 stories from the NAR archives that prove that no matter how weird you think the world is, customers can make it way weirder.


Cut Throat Business – You’re just joking, right? …right?

Fairly Foolish Fares – How about we try not to distract the driver?

A Few Digits Shy Of A Phone Number – That’s ten minutes of life that poor employee will never get back.

Well, It Sure Beats Atkins – At least they read the label first? I guess?

Needs A Mass Reboot – Hits from the comments: “I need an old techie and a young techie!”

An Offer Without A Leg To Stand On – They do make hand-control-only cars, but it could also be witchcraft…

£500 Non-Pays Of Summer – Either this person is from another world, or they need more help than a cashier can provide.

Cutting Remarks – Depending on how old this student is, this is either cute or creepy as heck.

Why Dracula No Longer Bites Crackheads – Some people really just need to buy their stuff online and stay away from other humans.

Eating Disorderly – Good advice. Some other good advice: consult a therapist.


We hope you enjoyed this Even-More-Strange-Customers-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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