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10 Marvelous Stories About Macs (And Some Idiots Who Shouldn’t Use Them)

| Right | January 24, 2021

Dear readers,

It’s National Macintosh Computer Day in the USA, which celebrates the day in 1984 when the very first predecessor of today’s Apple computers was publicly released!

There are idiots on both sides of the great tech battle between Macs and PCs. But this roundup features 10 stories about Apple computers and the specific type of stupidity that gravitates toward them!


Tech Support Is Rendered Fruitless – This dingbat is a real peach.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Scammer Away – Well, that one sure gave up quickly.

Don’t Throw Apples In A Room Full Of Windows – Hits from the comments: “Ah, an I-D-ten-T error.”

Those Who Know Just Enough To Be Dangerous – I understand just enough about this story to know the customer is a moron.

Shoulda Filled It With Apples – There’s no Geek Squad on earth with the skills to fix this computer problem.

All-In-Wonder – Honestly, this one’s kind of adorable.

There’s A Funny Upside (Down) To This – Check the comments on this story for some helpful tech tips about… microwaves?

Lieutenant Dan’s Fruit Company – You really don’t want an answer to that last question.

They’re All High On E – Sometimes tech support is far less supportive than you’d like.

Not An Apples To Apples World Anymore – This one’s a little… different. But it was too funny not to include!


We hope you enjoyed this Macintosh-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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