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11 Incredibly Ironic Encounters With Customers

| Right | September 25, 2020

Dear readers,

Despite Alanis Morissette’s attempts to do otherwise, most of us recognize moments of irony. We appreciate them for their sometimes-comedic and often-memorable nature, even if the outcome isn’t truly desirable.

However, the customers in the next eleven stories serve up their huge helpings of irony with an equally large portion of ignorance, totally oblivious to the unexpected twists they caused! We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


When Coffee Tastes Are Too Well Grounded, Part 2 – Indonesia would like to know when it became a state?

Likely To Cause IRE (Ironic Resourceful Ethics) – We really hope this happened before the student started a single class!

Dim Witted And Off The Deep End, Part 3 – Lifeguards learning how to guard lives is inconvenient to non-drowning swimmers.

There Must Be Something In The Water – What’s one level below dumbing down?

Deafening Silence – When they’re deaf to reason, even their own!

Takes One To Snow One – There snow way that went over their head

Get A Life – These are the same people that wish real life was in 3D.

So Slow It, Hertz – If he’s studying computer science we hope he’s one of the test subjects.

Not Exactly Driving Home His Point – We don’t think this person is going to be driving much longer.

Caught Calling The Kettle Black – How dare everyone else think the same way I do!

Loathe Of Bread – Another reason why the AI overlords will take over one day.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about ironic encounters with customers! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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