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10 Hilarious Stories Of Customers Who Don’t Understand Science

| Right | February 9, 2021

Dear readers,

We’ve had customers who demand the impossible. We’ve had customers who demand you to defy Mother Nature. Now we have customers who – to paraphrase a famous Scottish starship engineer – expect you to change the laws of physics.

We’ve rounded up ten stories from our archives about customers who fail at understanding science so much, they don’t realize they’re demanding you to break the basic fundamental laws.


Special Sale: Half Price Gravity – Maybe if you call our branch on the Moon…

Now That Is A WonderBra – Also invisible: this customer’s intelligence.

When Matter Doesn’t Matter – New challenge for you: find a drink that doesn’t have electrons in it.

Knows Knot Of Mass – Which is more dense, the knot or the customer?

Solar Power With Extra Flare – Perhaps if the cable was reeeeeally long…

May Be Stupid But Having A Ball – There’s a reason it doesn’t work that way, you know.

Unlimited Minutes, Limited Intelligence – Just give it a minute. (Unless you don’t have unlimited minutes.)

A Tale Of Time Traveling Tune-Ups – My TARDIS needs a tune-up, ASAP!

There’s No Substitute For Brains, Either – Just take two with a large glass of… oh.

Try The New Pool At Hogwarts – Oh, I’ll just get a backhoe and get right on that.


We hope you enjoyed this Confused-With-Science-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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