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10 Hilarious Stories About Monkeys And Bad Customers Monkeying Around

| Right | December 14, 2020

Dear readers,

Today is Monkey Day!

Monkey Day celebrates all things simian, such as lemurs, tarsiers, apes, and other non-human primates. The day is designed to raise awareness about environmental issues that affect monkeys and primates around the world. Monkey Day started as a prank at Michigan State University but has grown to become a worldwide-recognized event, observed especially by many zoos!

Since we here at Not Always Right both love animals and know there’s not a subject on Earth that hasn’t been ruined by bad customers, we’ve decided to observe the day with a roundup! Here are ten stories about bad customers getting up to monkey-business, most involving actual monkeys. Please keep your belongings close to you for the duration of this roundup!


Getting Your Priorities Straight, Part 3 – Hurt me if you want, but hands off my bike!

Fanny Whack – We’re kind of sad we didn’t get to meet this guy.

More Than One Chimp By The Name Of George – I prefer Clooney, but that’s cool.

Monkey See, Monkey Please Don’t Do That Again – Don’t mind Dad; he’s just monkeying around.

Finally Got Them Bugging Out – You could always name the cat “Monkey”…

Containing This Monkey Business – Hits from the comments: “Sorry, ma’am, but this is not a monkey business.”

Shopping For An Indiana Jones-Themed Dinner Party – I think you may have just thwarted a witch’s spell.

A Disturbing Kind Of Monkey Business – Don’t lick that! You don’t know where it’s been!

Containing This Monkey Business, Part 2 – Check the comments on this one for a barrel-of-monkeys full of puns!

This Team Is Bananas – Better keep all those bananas on ice!


We hope you enjoyed this Monkey-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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