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10 Hilarious Stories About Customers With Terrible Math

| Right | September 23, 2020

Dear readers,

We know that math is not everyone’s strength – some of the NAR editors rely on their trusty calculator to get their day-to-day groceries budgeted! There are some customers out there, however, whose take on math is interesting, to say the least! You know that  50% of $50 is not “free” – but that’s only the beginning with this numerically-challenged bunch!

We’ve rounded up ten stories from our archives about customers who are truly terrible at math, and the poor customer service staff who have to make it all add up!


How To Balls Up Simple Math – A perfect example of how bad math skills will cost you.

Future Underwater Basketweaving Majors – This takes about 0% sense.

In Need Of Humble Pi – The important thing is the charity got the money, however it was calculated!

Seven Of Nine – We apologize for the lack of Borg in this story.

Non-Plussed With Tax – To be fair, twenty dollars is worth a lot less these days, so that tracks…

Best To Avoid The Void – There is a void where their brain should be.

Nonplussed Customers – This is why some people will never get metric.

Why Math Counts – Because two is better than one

Half A Brain And A Pound Foolish – Only fractionally more intelligent than the burger they’re eating.

Makes You Want To Meter Maker – They’ll get there one millimeter at a time.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup, even if it didn’t all add up! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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