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10 Funny Stories About People Who Don’t Understand Libraries

| Right | February 13, 2021

Dear readers,

Libraries are fantastic places, even in these digital times. Book lovers on a budget, those who need to learn basic Internet skills, children getting excited about checking out their first books – all are possible through these amazing institutions.

Some people, however, either take them for granted or don’t quite get how they work. Or, even more shocking, they don’t understand how books work. We’ve gone through our own libraries and archives to round up ten funny stories about libraries and those who hilariously misunderstand them. No knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System required!


That Helpful Attitude Needs To Be Shelved – If I want your help, I will ask you for it.

Military Intelligence, Part 6 – Maybe they should get a book on how time works?

Limping Through College – How did this person get accepted to college?!

A Real Drinking Problem – Um… what were you planning on doing with it, then?

This Thief Is Booked – If you pay the full price of the book, then maybe we’ll consider it.

Library Staff Are Very Amen-able – I wouldn’t trust myself not to be snarky as h*** in response to this customer.

How To Address The Proof Of Address – They must love this patron at the DMV.

The Devil Revils In The Details – I’m not sure there’s a book out there that can help this one.

Neither A Lounge Recliner Nor A Borrower Be – Hits from the comments: “Okay, let’s table that request.”

Thick Accents, Thicker Heads – Whatever accent you read it in, Edward’s still boring. Yeah, I said it.


We hope you enjoyed this Library-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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