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10 Funny Stories About People Named Joe

| Right | March 27, 2021

Dear readers,

Today, we reached deep into the pile of weird holidays and pulled out… National Joe Day! This “holiday” is so obscure that no one seems to know quite where it came from. It’s intended (by whoever created it) to celebrate people named Joe, Joey, Joseph, Josephine… and probably some others we’re forgetting.

So, to celebrate this incredibly fun and not at all random holiday, here are 10 stories about people who aren’t your Average Joe!


We Feel Sorry For Joe – If I were Joe, I think I’d change my name.

Hasn’t Had His Morning Cup Of Joe – Full disclosure: there isn’t actually anyone named Joe in this one.

Blow Them Away – This one can’t even take a hint when it’s delivered with a sledgehammer.

Peppered With Emotion – Maybe someone had one too many margaritas…

Jimi Versus Joe – At least your name’s not Jude.

Why Men Never Hear The End Of It – Oh, sure. That you’ll respond to.

Promo Code Breakers – A tale of two (too many) Joes!

The Age Of Innocence – To be honest, we’re not sure how to respond, either.

Rich Has Checked Out – When you can’t get Rich, a little Joe will have to do.

The Not-So-Gentleman Caller – And to wrap things up, a Joe who shames all his fellows.


We hope you enjoyed this Joe-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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