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10 Funny Stories About Mario That Will Have You Bouncing In No Time

| Right | March 10, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is Mar.10! Mario Day! Initially created by some fans who noted the similarity in the date and the name Mario, Nintendo has officially endorsed it from 2016 onwards! While many of us have fond memories of Mario jumping over many a pipe and goomba, the character has transcended his pixellated roots to become a representative of Japan and a cultural icon for generations.

To celebrate Mario Day, we’ve rounded up ten Mario-themed stories from our archives! From parents not quite understanding the appeal to pointing out the very debatable differences between Mario and his brother, Luigi, we’ve got you covered!


Call Of Duty For The Mushroom Kingdom – Why ask for an employee’s opinion if you’re going to disregard it?

Living With A Princess – Somebody’s not going to level up tonight…

I Nintendo All – Kids are always shocked when adults know about “their” stuff.

About To Go To Wario – Bowser’s pretty bada**, but he always loses in the end.

Acting Like Wario – Hits from the comments: “We ARE smart. We aren’t PSYCHIC, though…”

Mario Kart Love Song – If he lets you play as Mario, it’s true love.

The Tune Is Granted Extra Lives – It’s great to have coworkers who are on your level.

The Elves Didn’t Meet Quota This Year – Ooooh, that last line is satisfying.

Just One-Upped The Debate Team – Can you believe it’s been eight years since the Year Of Luigi?

Fits The Bill Of An Idiot – That’s a great analogy, but we’re still not sure it fit into the customer’s brain.


We hope you enjoyed this Mario-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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