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10 Funny Stories About Customers Who Just Refuse To Listen

| Right | September 29, 2020

Dear readers,

We know a lot of the customers you read about here at Not Always Right seem to live in their own dream worlds but never is this more annoying than when any words you speak fail to get into those worlds.

We’ve rounded up 10 stories from our archives about customers who simply… refuse… to… listen! And more than a few of them pay the price for their willful ignorance!


How To Deal With Gritty Customers – This guy has the author stuck between some concrete and a hard place.

Dialog Boxes Are Forever – Some people are just so negative!

Book You In For Six (Feet Under) – Hits from the comments: “Yeah, I’ll reincarnate her on Monday for ya.”

Inn-Experienced Dialer – Too many cell phones, not enough brain cells.

Best Quote An Alternator Price – A connection at last!

What Wheels Around, Comes Around – Hopefully, this person’s lawyer is smarter than they are.

Can’t Keep Up With The Joneses – Hits from the comments: “Nope, but you will pay through the nose for not knowing.”

Behaving With Dis-Stain – Has this person never gotten clothing wet before?

Canada: America’s Hat, Part 2 – We… I just… There are no words.

The Funny Pharm-acy – Stupid problems call for stupid solutions.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about customers refusing to listen! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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