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10 Funny Fables About Fourth Graders!

| Right | January 19, 2022

Dear readers,

Saturday the 15th was National Fourth Graders Day! Fourth graders are certainly a… special breed of kiddo, but in fairness, it’s hard being nine or ten years old. You’re learning about things like earthquakes, the water cycle, word roots, encyclopedias, and… *shudders* …fractions.

In honor of the awkward phase of fourth-grade days, here are 10 stories about quirky teachers, funny kids, and memories that will last all the way until graduation!


Not In Good Standing With The Teacher – This kid takes their “class clown” title very seriously.

Trying To Even The Odds – An understanding parent can make fourth grade way less of a pain.

Fourth Grade Is Just Murder – When I was a kid, they just vaguely warned us about strangers.

Pulling It Down To Their Level – I believe this is what they refer to as “crude but effective”.

Now Play The Thong Song – Just wait until you start teaching this kid about proper fingering.

The Fired And The Fabulous – This teacher’s priorities are just… shockingly bad.

The Umpire Strikes Back – It’s never too early to learn that girls can do anything boys can!

Adopting A New Teaching Style – There is so much to unpack in this short story.

Makes You Want To Hit The Bottle – Before I became an editor, I thought I wanted to be a teacher. I was wrong.

Teachers Who Get Students Who Don’t Get Math – If you survived fourth grade, you may want to thank your teacher! (And if you survived this roundup, be sure to give it a Like!)


We hope you enjoyed this Fourth-Grader-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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