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10 Fun And Funny Stories About Adventures With Legos!

| Right | January 30, 2021

Dear readers,

January 28th was National Lego Day in the USA! Kids (and adults) around the world have been constructing cars, towers, castles, Death Stars, Millenium Falcons, and countless other things from Legos for nearly ninety years. Beginning as wooden blocks in Denmark in the 1930s, Legos have exploded in popularity and variety; you can now build motorized Lego sets, program robotic Legos, watch Lego movies, and play Lego video games!

As far as I’m concerned, their greatest innovation has been the Brick Separator, designed to help with those fiddly flat pieces and others that tend to get stuck together. When I was a kid, such a thing didn’t exist. We just used our teeth.

But I digress. Today, for your reading pleasure, we’ve rounded up 10 stories from our archives about Lego, from unruly children to entitled customers! Enjoy!


Lego Up There – Lego should invent a tool that helps with this (probably common) scenario!

Building A Case Against Her – Leaving evidence behind wasn’t the first mistake, but it was a stupid one.

Finds Her Lack Of Success Disturbing – Nothing like a well-placed nerdy quote.

It’s Time To Lego Of This Customer – It’s also time to start putting the display models behind glass.

Child Should Have Been Blocked – Acknowledging that is a good step… but I doubt it’s going further than that.

Teachers Are Master Building Children’s Minds – Nooooo, not again!

Relation(star)Ships – Everything is cooool when you’re part of a teeeeam…

Won’t Lego Let It Go – AUGH! Just take the stupid Legos and GO!

The Reference Is Worth A Google. Trust Us. – Hits from the comments: “Don’t buy him a set! Buy him random assortments and let him build whatever he wants with them. That’s what Lego was back in my day…!” *Hitches up pants*

Throwing Himself Towards The Ground(ing) – This kid has amazing chaotic energy.


We hope you enjoyed this Lego-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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