10 Disturbing Signs Your Relationship Has Gotten Too Comfortable

Romantic | January 16, 2016
1. All sweats, all the time.

On your first date you chose your finest dress, or neatest suit, made sure it was totally crease free, threw on some expensive fragrance and even then you weren’t sure if it was enough. Today, you’re lucky if that sweatsuit isn’t on its third consecutive day of use…

2. You communicate to each other with farts.

Like a dog owner can recognize what his dog is saying through different sounding barks, a truly comfortable relationship has built up a surprisingly expressive vocabulary of quips, comebacks, compliments and banter. Of course we could just be talking out of our a$$, but that’s kind of the point.

3. Pooping has become a group activity.

Just because you’re their number one doesn’t mean you have to be around for number two.

4. You pee in the shower together.

At least you can tell if the other is suitably hydrated!

5. You pop pimples for each other, and you’re in a contest to see who can pop more.

You know it’s reached a true level of comfort when you start popping each other’s pimples that you could easily sort out yourself, like any on your face.

6. To you two, dad pants and granny panties are just known as pants and panties.

You guys found out what Victoria’s Secret was a long time ago, and now it’s old news.

7. You spread the love by spreading your germs.

Because having a shared bank account is one thing, but having a shared immune system? Now THAT is romantic!

8. Grooming is for suckers.

Why waste time shaving when it’s just going to grow back anyway? You’ve decided to stick together for better or for worse. You’ve seen each other at your best, now it’s time for your worst!

9. You try to out-bad-breath each other.

Because nothing says “I Love You” more romantically than said with morning breath.

1o. Being gross, sloppy, or strange doesn’t drive you apart–it only brings you closer together.

Because love is a fairy tale, with all the monsters and trolls and frog princes that come with it.


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