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10 Crazy Stories About How Customer’s Problems Were So Stupid They Resolved Themselves

| Right | December 10, 2020

Dear readers,

Sometimes customers come along whose problems are so stupid, or so non-existent, that they practically resolve themselves. Some of these customers at least have enough smarts to be embarrassed, like when they realize that their computer wasn’t working because it was plugged into itself. Others maintain their stupidity levels and live in ignorant bliss of how easy their “life-or-death” problem was to resolve. But guess what?! We’ve rounded them up for you!

Here are ten stories from our archives about customer’s problems being so stupid that they practically resolved themselves.


Golly Gee, I’m So Smrt – That five dollars, my friend, is an idiot tax.

By Doing Nothing, The Problem Has Resolved Itself – Or, Goldilocks And The Two Idiots.

Tech Support, How I Miss Thee – We sure hope they get paid for mileage.

Keeping Up Appearances – This one may be stupid but she makes up for it by being hilarious.

…And Stupidity Resolves Itself – As soon as I’m done with this roundup, I’m getting ice cream. Who’s with me?

About To Have A Power Struggle – There’s “back to basics,” and then there’s this.

This Customer Has Trouble Written All Over Him – Yikes on bikes. Get some help.

Customer Vs Cook: The Heat Is On – Some people insist on instant gratification.

IQ Phone Home – Hits from the comments: “Hey, everybody who complains when the employee has to stick to a script… this is why the employee has to stick to a script.”

Not In Full Receipt Of Your Faculties – I feel this kind of stupid when I use the flashlight on my phone to search for my phone.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about the customer problems resolving themselves! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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