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10 Crazy Stories About Customers Who Expected Staff To Be Mind-Readers

| Right | January 18, 2021

Dear readers,

It seems like some customers expect you to know what they want before they want it. And while that might be the main job of advertisers, that isn’t what the poor minimum-wage clerk is equipped to do. We’ve received so many stories about customers expecting these poor souls to be mind-readers (and the flack they get when it turns out that they’re not!) that we’ve decided to dedicate a roundup to them.

Below are ten stories about entitled customers who were expecting the staff to be telepathic!


You Be Telepathic So I Can Be Lazy – To be fair, I was well into adulthood before I realized door sizes weren’t standardized. (That was a weird rental.)

(Telepathic) Help Wanted – You couldn’t even tell us, “It has a blue cover”?!

Taking A Gamble – I mean… it kind of worked?

You (Could Have) Had Me At Hello – Hits from the comments: “No, you have to use words, as if you’re a human being.”

Give Customers A Piece Of Your Mind – We’re guessing they don’t know what that word means.

Ordering Meatballs, Talking Baloney – Do you have a phone? Does she? Simple solutions here, people.

Psychic Psycho(Deli)c – If that was in the job description, the pay would be much higher.

Signs That It Is Going To Be A Long Day/Week/Month – Wait. You want the computer to read your mind?

Reading Empty Minds – Oh, sweetie… No…

An Un-Usual Request – But it would literally be faster for you to just flipping tell us!


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about customers expecting telepathy! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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