1 Part Bleach To 100 Parts Stupidity

| Avondale, PA, USA | Right | February 22, 2012

Me: “How are you today? I’m told you needed help with fish?”

Customer: “Yeah, all my fish died after I cleaned my tank yesterday. My husband says that it may have had to do with me using bleach, but I told him he was wrong.”

Me: “Well, actually he is right. Bleach leaves residue on the glass. Even after rinsing it, that can kill the fish.”

Customer: “But I didn’t even rinse it.”

Me: “What did you do, then?”

Customer: “I just added it to the water. How could that kill them?”

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  • Vira Vandom

    “You are now permanently banned from buying pets, goodbye!”

    • Cerys Robinson

      Also, we have passed your details to PETA, the ASPCA, and a large person with an axe. Enjoy!

  • steeledminer616

    I feel so bad for those fish… killed by stupidity