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1.21 Gigawatts Of Laughter

| Working | November 7, 2014

(I’m responsible for a 24/7 tech-hotline we provide for one of our customers. We recently made contract with an external call center to take our calls during the night. To check out, if everything works, I test the call center and play one of our customers – an IT company.)

Agent: “[Our Company]. My name is [Agent]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, this is [My Name] from [Other Company]. My Flux-Capacitor is defective.”

Agent: “Mhm.” *suspicious* “Your Flux-Capacitor is not working?”

Me: “Right. I need a technician right now.”

Agent: “Mhm, well, let’s see. So, you said your Flux-Capacitor is not working?”

Me: “Yes! And as I already know that you know what the Flux-Capacitor is, for your information: this is a test call to check if everything works.”

Agent: “Ah, I see. Well, let me see if I can get a technician for you.”

Me: “Thanks!”

Agent: “You’re welcome. I hope your DeLorean will work again quite soon.”

Me: “I hope so!” *giggling*

(He then called my technician and told him what the call was about and transfers me to him. Seconds later I had a laughing technician on the phone, joking about how I could fix my Flux-Capacitor.)

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