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​​When A Wong Makes A White

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I am writing out two distinct forms for two different families looking to borrow vehicles for road trips. As it is the start of the summer, many families tend to come in on one day. The two vehicles in question are very similar in color and make, so it becomes difficult to tell them apart. I have just spent a few minutes with the heads of said families at the desk as I work out who is borrowing which vehicle, complete with mixing up the keys.

Me: *Addressing [Customer #1]* “So, the one you wanted is the [1986 Make], not the [1988 Make]?”

Customer #1: *Laughing in relief* “Yes, that’s the right one!”

Me: “Finally! Well, I hope you are both sorted. I just have to record that the [1986 Make] is the right one!”

Both [Customer #1] and [Customer #2] walk off in different directions. As I write their surnames onto pictures of the particular vehicles, [Customer #3] comes up.

Me: “Can I help you, sir?”

Customer #3: *In a calm voice* “How dare you?”

Me: *Confused* “How dare I… what?”

Customer #3: “You know very well, you racist b****!”

He snatches up the photographs and the documentation paperclipped to them as I try to stop him. He approaches [Customer #2]. I start to worry that he might have personal information, so I get up out of my seat to follow him.

Customer #3: *To [Customer #2]* “I am sorry about what this woman has written here.”

Customer #2: *Trying to work out the problem* “What has she written?”

Customer #3: “That racist taunt at the top of the paper! See?”

He almost shoves it in the other customer’s face. I suddenly realize what conclusion [Customer #3] has jumped to. [Customer #1] and his family were a white family with the surname “White,” and [Customer #2] and his family are Chinese and have the surname “Wong.”

Me: “I—”

Customer #3: “No, listen to me! You can not call your customers that! I heard you when you told that other family you’d give them the ‘right’ car!” *To [Customer #2]* “I am very sorry for this woman and if you want me to do so, I will get the manager on your behalf.”

Customer #2: “My name is Wong. [Customer #2] Wong. And my family is waiting outside.”

[Customer #3] went very red. He shoved the papers back at me and stormed out of the building.

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