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    Yukon Not Believe This Juan

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    Me: “I need to see your Visa, ma’am.”

    Tourist: “What for? It doesn’t cost to go to Canada, does it?”

    Me: “Not your credit card ma’am, your Visa to enter the country.”

    Tourist: “What do you mean?”

    Me: “You need to have a Visa to leave the United States, ma’am.”

    Tourist: “I’m not leaving the United States!”

    Me: “Yes you are, ma’am, beyond here is Canada.”

    Tourist: “Canada isn’t outside the United States!”

    Me: “And what makes you think that, ma’am?”

    Tourist: “Because there’s no water between the two places! Its one big hunk of land!”

    Me: “Country borders do not have to be separated by water, ma’am. Both Canada and Mexico are different countries yet directly connected to the United States.”

    Tourist: “Well of course Mexico is a different country, it’s separated from America by water!”

    Me: “No it’s not, ma’am.”

    Tourist: “Ain’t you ever heard of the Gulf of Mexico?”