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    Your Attitude Is Teri-yucky

    | Sammamish, WA, USA | Food & Drink, Top

    (Note: I work at a restaurant that specializes only in teriyaki-style food.)

    Customer: “So, what kind of food do you guys sell here?”

    Me: “We sell teriyaki.”

    Customer: “Is your chicken teriyaki-style?”

    Me: “Yes.”

    Customer: “Is your beef teriyaki-style?”

    Me: “Yes.”

    Customer: “Is your pork teriyaki-style?”

    Me: “Yes, the majority of our menu is teriyaki.”

    Customer: *looking upset* “You should really have more variety. I don’t want teriyaki. I didn’t wait in line for 15 minutes for teriyaki!”

    Next customer in line: “Well, then, get the f**k out of a teriyaki restaurant!”