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    You’ll Find That In The Aisle Of Non-Existence

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    (I work in the electronics department.)

    Me: “Hello. Is there anything I can help you with today?”

    Customer: “Yeah, I’m looking for a cable for my computer.”

    Me: “What type of cable did you need?”

    Customer: “Ethereal.”

    Me: “Um, you mean for internet? An ethernet cable?”

    Customer: “It’s for internet, but it’s not ethernet. It’s ethereal.”

    Me: “Maybe it’s CAT5 cable you need?”

    Customer: “No. I said I need ethereal cable.”

    Me: “Well, sir. Let me show you what we have.”

    (I take him to the ethernet cables.)

    Customer: “No, these are much too big. It’s a smaller cable than this.”

    Me: “Are you connecting from a phone wall jack, or from a cable or DSL modem?”

    Customer: “I have a box, a modem, but this isn’t ethereal cable.”

    Me: “No, sir. It’s CAT5 ethernet cable. It will run from your modem to the LAN port on your computer. I’m pretty confident that this is the cable you need to use.”

    Customer: “Well, I don’t know. It isn’t ethereal.”