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    You Go On Wit Yo Bad DIY Self!

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    Caller: “Hello, I’d like some help!”

    Me: “Sure sir, how can I help you?”

    Caller: “Well, actually I don’t have an account yet. I was wondering if I could talk or send messages to my daughter. She’s in Australia and she has an internet account.”

    Me: “Yes sir, that’s possible!”

    Caller: “What do I need to do that?”

    Me: “You just need a computer and a modem.”

    Caller: “Hey, but just have a FAX machine and a TV! Isn’t that enough?”

    Me: *controlling the urge to burst in laughter* “I’m afraid not, sir. You’ll need a computer for sure.”

    Caller: “YOU KNOW WHAT? You guys don’t wanna help me! I know your types! You just want the fat, rich customers that will buy anything you demand! You know what? You’re not the only ISP in town! Goodbye!” *click*