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    Worst. Advertising. Ever.

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    (My first day on the job my manager decided that we weren’t getting enough business and proceeded to hand me a plastic pitchfork, wrap a feather boa around my neck and shove me out onto a street corner in the ghetto with a sign.)

    People in a passing car: “SATANIST B***H!” *throws ketchup packets at me*

    (A short time later, a white car driven by an older man pulls up.)

    Older Man: “Miss?”

    Me: *walks over* “Yes?”

    Older Man: “How much?”

    Me: “…excuse me?”

    Older Man: “Well I don’t usually go for the satanic looking type. I guess you could get out of all that black…”

    Me: “What the…oh….” *I start laughing hysterically*

    Older Man: “What? You aren’t?”

    Me: *I point up towards the store* “Mister, I work for the Halloween shop…”

    Older Man: “Oh, when do you open?”

    Me:I don’t. The store is open now though.”

    (The older man blushes and speeds away. After that, I picked up my sign, went back to the store and told my manager that I refused to do that ever again.)