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    Womb Mates Looking To Be Room Mates

    | IA, USA | Family & Kids, Hotels & Lodging, Theme Of The Month

    (I am a nighttime desk clerk at a hotel. Two teenage boys enter.)

    Older Boy: “Yeah, we’d like a room for the night.”

    Me: *suspicious* “Okay, I’ll need to see some ID.”

    (The older boy hands over his ID.)

    Me: “This says you’re only 17. I can’t give you a room unless you’re 18, especially if you’re checking in with someone else. Besides, I can’t even tell if this is you. The picture’s all smudged out.”

    Older Boy: “Oh wait, that’s not my ID. It’s my twin brother’s ID.”

    Me: “Your twin brother…”

    Older Boy: “Yeah! I mean, can’t you see the family resemblance?”