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    Wishy-Washy Analogies

    | Kentucky, USA | Extra Stupid

    (I work for a place that sells towing systems.)

    Caller: “Yes, I was wondering if my car needs to be there when they install the mounting brackets for the tow-bar?”

    Me: “Yes, sir. Since the mounting brackets are installed on your car, you car will need to be there”

    Caller: “Why? I don’t understand.”

    Me: “Well, sir, the mounting brackets are permanently attached to your vehicle. In order to attach them to your vehicle, we will need your vehicle to be there.”

    Caller: “I’m not sure if I follow.”

    Me: “Well, sir, say you come to my house so I can wash your car, but you ride your bicycle. Well since your car isn’t there, that means I can’t wash it.”

    Caller: “Oh, I get it now…I think.”

    Me: “Great, is there anything else I can help you with?”

    Caller: “So, you all have to wash my car to do it. That’s why it has to be there!”