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    Whiskey Unwise And Brand Foolish

    | Porto, Portugal | Food & Drink

    Patron: “Good evening! I’ll have a whiskey cola.”

    (I serve him a generic whiskey with cola.)

    Me: “Here you go! That will be [amount].”

    Patron: “Hey, that wasn’t [whiskey label]! I want [whiskey label] with cola.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, but since most of our customers don’t ask for any special brand labeled whiskey, we serve a generic brand to save on costs. If you want a special labeled whiskey, you just have to ask for it. The price is the same. I’ll get you your [whiskey label) for free, but please be sure to ask it by name the next time.”

    (15 minutes later, the same patron approaches the bar.)

    Patron: “F***! Serve me your cheaper whiskey! This s*** tastes all the same to me. You guys are okay!”