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    What’s Another Word For Wrong Major

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    (A girl and her mother are shopping for cookware for her to take to college.)

    Girl: “Do you have any…” *snaps her hand open and closed like a puppet*

    Me: “Sorry, what?”

    Girl: “You know…” *does puppet hands again* “…for cooking.” *to her mom* “Mum, I need some…” *hand motion*

    Girl’s Mother: “Tongs?”

    Girl: “Yes!”

    (I show them where to find them while the mother teases the girl. I try to change the subject as the girl is obviously embarrassed.)

    Me: “So, you need this stuff for college?”

    Girl: “Yeah.”

    Me: “What are you studying?”

    (The girl turns bright red and both her and her mother start laughing.)

    Girl’s Mother: “She’s going to be studying English!”