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    What The 7734 Is Going On

    | Utah, USA |

    Customer: “I need the status of a package.”

    Me: “Okay. May I have the tracking number?”

    Customer: “My tracking number is 1E8L00L25–”

    Me: “I’m sorry, sir, are you sure that’s one of our tracking numbers? Generally, our numbers won’t have any letters in the middle.”

    Customer: “Yes, I’m sure those are the numbers.”

    Me: “Are you sure this package wasn’t sent with another service?”

    Customer: “Yes, I’m absolutely positive that I sent it with you! It’s the right number, unless–”

    (He pauses for a moment as he tries to figure out what’s going on.)

    Customer: “Oh. I’m looking at it upside down. It’s 257007831.”