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    WEP Behind The Ears

    | Dronten, The Netherlands | Technology

    Me: “Good morning, [ISP]. This is [name] speaking.”

    Caller: “Yes, good morning sir. I’m trying to connect my internet, but it’s asking me for a ‘wireless key’.”

    Me: “Alright, sir, that’s the password you can find on the back of your router.”

    Caller: “You misunderstand me, sir. It’s asking for a key, not a password.”

    Me: “Yes, the key is a password. It’s on your—”

    Caller: *angry* “It’s asking for a key! I have the key here. I’m just looking for the keyhole!”

    Me: *surprised* “May I ask where you got that key?”

    Caller: “It’s the key on the door where the modem is in! The modem key! I just need to know where to put it in!”