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    Weekly Roundup: Weird Science

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    Weird Science! In this week’s roundup, we feature customers with a weird (or non-existent) comprehension of science!

    1. The Building Block(heads) Of Life (5,628 thumbs up)
      A brainless bookstore customer gets a crash course in Chemistry 101!
    2. Magnetic Lines Of Farce (3,127 thumbs up)
      This credit card customer doesn’t quite understand the “attraction” of magnetic stripes.
    3. A Heated Topic (3,870 thumbs up)
      A restaurant patron gets into a heated argument with an employee over the warmth of the sun!
    4. Science, Stripped Down To A Soundbite (2,031 thumbs up)
      Explaining condensation and temperature? It’s wasted on customers who just want a “watered”-down explanation.
    5. Can’t Keep A Good Waitress Down (4,038 thumbs up)
      A waitress gets a tip for giving a customer tips on gravity!

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