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    Weekly Roundup: Twilight vs. Harry Potter Fans

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    Twilight vs. Harry Potter Fans! In the battle between Team Edward and Team Harry, which fans are more devoted? Find out in this week’s roundup!

    1. Some Callers Are Proper Dementor (7,172 thumbs up)
      A Harry Potter fan meets the real life Viktor Krumm!
    2. You’d Bella Believe It (4,167 thumbs up)
      The only ABCs this customer knows are Alice, Bella, and Carlisle.
    3. Totally, Like, Aguamenti (2,569 thumbs up)
      This totally wet reader’s Harry Potter books could use an Impervius Charm!
    4. Less Twilight, More Daylight, Part 8 (827 thumbs up)
      You know you’re a devoted Twilight fan when when you name your children Edward and Bella.
    5. The Twilight Of Our Literacy, Part 3 (5,329 thumbs up)
      A pair of Twilight-hating prankster teens inadvertently scores one for Team Harry!

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