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    Weekly Roundup: Tech Support Classics, Part 3

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    Tech Support Classics, Part 3: This week, we feature another five stories that reveal the trials, tribulations, and terrors that technical support employees endure daily! PS–also check out Part 2 and Part 1!

    1. Flipping Out:
      If gramma “flips” out over tech, “switch” things up with the grandson! (6,425 Thumbs Up)
    2. How About Some TechiFlu:
      Warning: spraying for computer bugs definitely does not compute. (2,970 Thumbs Up)
    3. Bad Data, Good Outcome:
      Helping stubborn clients requires a little song and USB cable dance! (4,627 Thumbs Up)
    4. You Are The Weakest Link:
      A caller gets a power-ful lesson in the basics of electricity. (2,753 Thumbs Up)
    5. The Router To Success, Part 2:
      There’s a $100, two-hour reason why tech support always asks you to check your cables first! (2,456 Thumbs Up!)

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