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    Weekly Roundup: Historical Hijinx

    Not Always Right | History, Roundups

    Historical Hijinx! From vampire-hunting presidents to Viking chicken nuggets, for these customers, history is a complete mystery!

    1. (Not One Of) History’s Mysteries (5,123 Thumbs Up)
      For this customer, Cowboys & Indians are as fictional as Aliens & Zombies!
    2. S.H.I.E.L.D. Me From This Stupidity (1,468 Thumbs Up)
      We wish Captain America were the real deal, but for this 45-year-old moviegoer he’s a real American hero.
    3. Being The President Sucks (2,892 Thumbs Up)
      Yes, it’s true: Abraham Lincoln had a Stake in preventing the Twilight of our democracy!
    4. Pages Of A Post-Apocalyptic Persuasion (3,196 Thumbs Up)
      We’ll all be drinking Nuka-Cola if this customer’s search for World War 3 history bears mutfruit.
    5. Little Nuggets Of Interest (2,964 Thumbs Up)
      A child gives an Irish tour guide a real “nugget” of historical Viking wisdom!

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