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    Weekly Roundup: Heartwarming Stories

    Not Always Right | Awesome Customers, Roundups

    Heartwarming Stories! We feature a lot of stories about bad customers, but these amazing customers will restore your faith in humanity!

    1. No Pranks, Just Thanks (12,785 thumbs up)
      A librarian overhears an uplifting conversation between an autistic child and an extremely caring caretaker!
    2. BOGO: Buy One Give One (4,567 thumbs up)
      An employee gets an unexpected surprise from a BOGO deal and a generous customer.
    3. How To Make An Employee’s Day (1,687 thumbs up)
      A call center worker reveals just how little it takes to make her day!
    4. We Love To See You Smile (2,564 thumbs up)
      An older customer “draws” a smile out of a weary grocery store clerk.
    5. Alls Well That Bookends Well (3,945 thumbs up)
      Two former teenage thieves set things right for a bookstore while setting a good example for their child!

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