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    Weekly Roundup: Conspiracy Theories!

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    Conspiracy Theories! In this week’s roundup, we feature five stories of customers getting kooky over conspiracies!

    1. Pepperoni Pizza With A Side Of Pointless Paranoia (8,490 thumbs up)
      This frantic 911 caller begs to be delivered from evil… with a side of breadsticks, of course!
    2. His Groceries Have Just Been Terminated (2,750 thumbs up)
      Now hiring at the grocery store: managers, stockers, Skynet…
    3. We Can Thank Hollywood And “Hacker” Films For This (2,649 thumbs up)
      Tech Support: 1337 h@x0rz in ur carz, pwning ur batteriez!
    4. In CyberSpace, No One Can Hear You Scream (2,374 thumbs up)
      Tinfoil is a proven anti-alien deterrent, but only if you wrap the dog, too.
    5. Lost In Translation (2,585 thumbs up)
      Don’t translate this, because the government kills translators!

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