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    Weekly Roundup: Caught Red-Handed, Part 2

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    Caught Red-Handed, Part 2! This week, we share another five stories of shifty customers caught one red-handed! Click here for Part 1!

    1. Hell In A Handbag (13,062 Thumbs Up)
      An overzealous customer gets caught trying to rob Peter to pay herself!
    2. Not Always Right On So Many Levels (3,956 Thumbs Up)
      A customer faking a disability suddenly finds herself fleet of foot.
    3. Tricks Of The Trade (6,828 Thumbs Up)
      A trickster trying to score a free modem is herself “tricked”!
    4. The Right Place At The Wrong Time (6,694 Thumbs Up)
      Weeding out marijuana users has never been easier for this eagle-eyed cop.
    5. Married To No One Inn Particular (2,086 Thumbs Up)
      Either this hotel guest’s husband is a zombie, or her penny-pinching strategy could use a bit more braiiiins!

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