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    Weekly Roundup: Bosses To The Rescue!

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    Bosses To The Rescue! Having a great boss makes all the difference! This week’s roundup features stories of superiors who save the day!

    1. Even Owners Have A Stupid Quota, Part 2 (2,912 thumbs up)
      A fed-up owner literally tells a customer to “Bite Me!”
    2. The Fine Art Of Firing A Customer (6,638 thumbs up)
      How do you evict a rude self-storage customer? Get him to evict himself.
    3. Teenage Boys And Smutty Mags? You Don’t Say! (6,113 thumbs up)
      A prudish grandmother gets a crash course in boys, bikinis, and browser histories!
    4. Coworkers Uber Alles (4,935 thumbs up)
      Sometimes, with the worst customers, you find the best coworkers
    5. Even Bosses Have A Stupid Quota (9,447 thumbs up)
      What this manager lacks in tact, he makes up for in total honesty!

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