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    Weekly Roundup: Bigots Are Boneheads!

    Not Always Right | Bigotry, Roundups

    Bigots Are Boneheads! In this week’s roundup, we share five stories about bigoted customers!

    1. Going Bananas (5,891 thumbs up)
      A sexist customer complaining about neutering gets neutered himself!
    2. A War Unwon (3,705 thumbs up)
      A marine who fought abroad unfortunately learns that there are enemies at home, too.
    3. Time To Moooove To Another Cowllege (3,720 thumbs up)
      Move over, racial and religious discrimination: introducing FARM discrimination!
    4. So Pho, So Crazy (3,932 thumbs up)
      A Vietnamese supermarket employee has a run-in with a genocidal customer.
    5. Who Needs History When You Have Hollywood (3,345 thumbs up)
      History is an absolute mystery for this boneheaded tourist!

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